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Enjoy these Enlightening, Empowering Links

This list encompasses many friends and members of the worldwide awakening community, but does not vouch for these providers and services.
  • Ascension Mastery 
    Joanna Cherry's personal website.
  • Harmonic Ascension 2012 
    A wonderful ascension event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Held in Mt. Shasta, CA in the City Park Hall, August 17-19 2012. Led by globally known ascension teachers: ascension workshops and activations, new healing tools, music & sacred dance, ceremony on the mountain. $144, $177 after August 10th.
  • 1 Spirit International Directory 
    Find many websites of people, places, projects and services of Spirit. Sign up for their excellent newsletter!
  • Patricia Cota-Robles 
    Visit her site, Era of Peace, for inspiring, empowering and uplifting messages which include a deeper understanding of the spiritual history of Earth. Books and audio tapes for purchase.
  • Erik Berglund 
    Erik is an internationally known healer and musician. Experience his CDs of heavenly harp and angelic voice!
  • Ayurvedicare, Ancient Wisdom Health Care 
    Learn about Ayurveda and explore Holistic Healing from this Ageless Tradition, including Services, Instruction and Products offered by Natalie Gougeon at Loving Care Ayurveda.
    Enjoy Anton Mizerak & Friends' Meditative, Healing, massage, world and new age Music.
  • Light & Life 
    An overview exploration of spiritual teachings advocating one world, one people, unity in diversity. Welcomes all views.
  • Healing Soul Songs 
    Andrea Arrowsmith will create a CD for you of your own, personal Soul Song. This very powerful and healing music will "take you home"!
  • Metaphysical Directory A comprehensive directory of metaphysical websites.
  • Nancy Marie 
    Nancy Marie is the author of The Beckoning Song of Your Soul, a book which helps you develop your intuition and improve the quality of your life. You may also email your questions to Nancy Marie for sound advice.
  • Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamer's Lodge 
    The Lodge is a center for the study and practice of esoteric healing, energy work, spiritual astrology, metaphysics, and shamanic rituals. Three skilled practitioners are available through this site.
  • Ascension 2000  
    Sandy Stevenson is the lightworker directing this service, designed to assist personal and planetary ascension. It provides positive, easy-to-read, important information to help in the development of self mastery, integrity, highest truth, discernment and love.
  • Mount Shasta Magazine Probably the best all around spiritual/metaphysical magazine available today, for those both new and knowledgeable on the subject. Dynamic articles from today's most prominent thinkers and teachers.
  • Pax Universal 
    An excellent site, but currently readable only in Spanish!
  • Innerpeace Foundation 
    Dedicated to bringing peace on earth through sacred music, yoga, meditation, and inspiring media programs. The Foundation also provides food, shelter and clothes to those in need.
  • Destiny Retreats 
    Offers spiritual retreats and adventures led by inspired organizers skilled in spiritual and healing arts.
  • Ask Alana 
    Learn to trust your Heart. Attract your soul mate, discover your life purpose, embrace your intuition.
  • Arts of Asia 
    Arts of Asia
     is the foremost international Asian arts and antiques magazine. Founded in 1970, it is essential reading for collectors and Asian arts enthusiasts.
  • Herbal Alchemy 
    Intuitive Readings, Tibetan Medicine, 1500 Bulk Herbs, Aromatherapy, Free Catalog, Free Health Advice, Evaluations Worldwide.
  • Body, Mind & SoulHealer - An Alternative Approach To Health  
    An integrated approach to holistic health, by combining Naturopathy, medical intuition, clairvoyant readings, biochemical analysis, nutritional & spiritual counseling and vibrational healing to assist in personal growth and multidimensional healing.
  • In Light Times 
    Online version of Metaphysical Newspaper presents concepts for conscious living and spiritual growth. Feature stories, health, spirituality, astrology, reviews, and more.
  • Online Spiritual Auction 
    Buy and sell your spiritual, religious and health-related goods and services: antiquities, art, audio, books, equipment, jewelry, music, services, videos and more.
  • Earth Transitions 
    This site is dedicated to highlight the work of inventors who bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Their technologies represent a new paradigm for Earth, healing the environment through secret properties of water, sound and harmonics, and other means.
  • Flower of Life 
    An overview of the Flower of Life workshops developed by teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek. Profound original work on sacred geometry, the merkaba and the flower of life, also intended to open the heart. The retail store includes Drunvalo's books and tapes.
  • Angel Art by Eve 
    Original paintings of angels.
  • Universal Mind 
    A resource for products, services, ideas and information on personal growth, natural health and healing, spiritual evolution, global ecology, and artistic expression. Resources are given for many natural products such as foods, supplements and cosmetics.
  • Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission 
    Esoteric information on Earth's spiritual history including Jesus's life, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, Egyptian temples and symbols, and more. Offers the book Himalayan Star Conclaves.
  • Diana Cooper 
    Diana is the English creator of wonderful books and tapes about angels, and a workshop leader. Here she offers meditations and exercises, photographs of angels, an ascended masters page, a chat page and much more.
  • Mother's Water 
    All about the water, from the Perfect Science people, which is said to purify polluted waters, air and land easily and quickly. Some people also drink it.
  • Access Channeling 
    The purpose of this website is to share our hopes, our dreams for humanity and earth, and our connections to spirit.
  • Rebirthing and Rejuvenation 
    Pola Churchill is a Leonard Orr Rebirther Trainer. Trainings, seminars and individual rebirthing sessions - physical immortality - pituitary gland rejuvenation technique - spiritual purification - money mastery. Author of Shiva Mahavatar Babaji and Leonard Orr's biography.
  • Diane Brandon 
    Diane Brandon, author of Invisible Blueprints: Insights of an Energy Reader, offers intuitive and spiritual counseling, focusing on personal and spiritual growth, as well as the deeper meaning of events. Phone consultations available.
  • 3.2 Years Life Cycles in Time and Synchronicity Coincidences. 
    Using birthdays and repeating circles for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, career, business, study and destiny.
  • Build Confidence and Self Esteem with the Confidence Coach 
    To build a better business, efective public speaking, sports and sales success, call Martin.
  • Alternative, Holistic, & Chinese Therapies & Resources 
    Products and services designed to help you in your quest for alternative, holistic, and Chinese therapies and resources for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit Superstore 
    For books, audios, healing crystals, incense, tarot decks, etc., plus News Reviews, free Message Board and New Age Link Directory.
  • Amber's Crystal Healing and Alternative Health 
    Crystal healing, its use in alternative health and for energizing the body and chakra system.
  • Ask Alana 
    Learn to trust your Heart. Attract your soul mate, discover your life purpose, embrace your intuition.
  • One Spirit Project 
    Facilitating personal growth and spiritual enlightenment through interaction and discussion. Large resource directory.
  • The Celestine Order of Light 
    an organization dedicated to helping us realize that we are Gods in embryo and masters of our destiny. There are no limitations other than those we set for ourselves.
  • The Temple of Universality 
    Celebrating the Unity of God and Man through love, spirit, healing, worship and prophesy.
  • 123Greetings
  • Juice Plus 
    provides the nutritional essence of 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains in convenient capsule form.
  • Therapist Websites
  • Vedic Astrology - Affordable, Healing and Accurate Astrology Readings and Classes 
    Internet home of Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) Vedic Astrologer and teacher in San Francisco - Many specialized reading and classes available. Sign up for a Free Weekly Forecast and a Free astrology reading!
  • A Gem Stones, Gemstones, Crystals, Minerals, Gold Silver Jewelry Source 
    hand made one of a kind custom lapidary, Metaphysical New Age moonstone moldavite sugilite pietersite opal amethyst sapphire ruby lapis malachite agate quartz smoky elestial scepter shaman spheres carvings tumbled tourmaline tiger eye varisite source 251-645-9081.
  •" A great portal of light opens...People often have a very direct experience of Ascended Masters, Archangels and their own God Presense." Diana Gazes is a clear transmitter of higher cosmic energies,leads amazing workshops worldwide, faciliates DNA Activation and Spritual Healing Sessions supporting the acceleration of Conscious Evolution.
  • The Aumara Light & Healing Circle~A Place for Healing and Inspiration 
    Enrich your life with spiritual healing and powerful healing crystals, join us in global healing and meditation, browse our inspiration gallery and teachings library, and much more for the traveler of the spiritual path.
  • Ascending with Love 
    This website is for all who seek to know God more through the Ascended Masters making the energy of Divine Love fully available. There are beautiful messages from the Ascended Masters and Archangels about the importance of self-love and opportunites to deepen one's understanding of Ascension.
  • mother's day gift 
    Gift Shop For Jewelry Boxes, Music Boxes, Snow Globes, Stuffed Animals And So Much More. NEW! Customize your own music box!
  • Legitimate Psychic Healer 
    Nothing Is Incurable provides solutions to every problem regardless if it is physical or mental. Professional psychic and wholistic healer with years of experience to help you.
    A comprehensive spirituality and meditation resource directory.
  • Crystals & Gems: a Path to our Inner Wisdom 
    The landscapes within the stones of our planet parallel the artistry of our lives. Contemplation on them can bring us closer to the healing we yearn. Visit our website to purchase many crystals, gems and minerals.
  • New Age of Ascension 
    Articles by Linda Johnson, products and tools for Ascension including pendulums, Crystals and information on Ascending Children.
  • Healing Essence, a Phenomenal Healing Tool 
    43 Life Changing Essence of Spirit. Spiritual Essence are formulated to heal your body, mind and soul in hours! They work with the spiritual aspect of each individual, gently clearing old thoughts and doubts while bringing the individual to a higher realization of what their life is about.
  • Lightworker Brian James of the Galactic Federation presents Circle of Lights:
    Children of the Light features Kevin and Katherine James, Bryan's Indigo and Crystal Children, as they interact with angels, etheric teachers and other Holy Beings, learn to meditate with Light energy for color ray healing, and overall life empowerment. The Circle of Lights Journal is advanced Lightwork training for families. Agents of the Federation reveals how we partner with beings from other planets and dimensions to fulfill our Earthly missions.
    Inspired by the enlightened yogis of south India. Ancient Learning, Turiya Yoga, "Visions Beyond enlightenment" art gallery, yoga music, pilgrimage into the sacred wilderness of South India, global online spiritual community.
  • Rudraksha bead 
    Tear Drops of Lord Shiva that fall on earth are original Vedic Beads of power, worn by people of Hindu religion since ancient times to maintain health ,wealth, self-empowerment & fearless life on their pathway to enlightenment and liberation.
  • Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation and Spiritual Healing
    Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of Kofutu symbols. Learn Kofutu techniques for healing yourself and others. Classroom and home study courses are available.
  • Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies 
    kabbalah, kabbalah lessons, free courses, kabbalah books, distant learning, kabbalah mp3 - Questions and Answers, Live lessons and music broadcast, kabbalah FAQ.
  • Multidimensions 
    A combination of spirituality, psychology, and science offers tools for personal healing and enlightenment. offers books, spiritual novels, and meditation CD's for holistic healing and deeper understanding of multidimensional consciousness.
  • The Many Faces Of God 
    introduces to you the many ways God shows up in the world - ways you might never have expected or thought about. Join us on the amazing journey that opens before you when you begin your exploration of the spiritual world at The Many Faces Of God.
  • Siskiyou Cottage Apartments
    Reduced Rates for Workshop and Seminar Attendees
    In Dunsmuir, California
  • Golden Movements 
    Living the Passion of Divine Presence. In service for all the lightworkers on the path. Universal White Time Healing.
  • The Center for Christ Consciousness 
    is a safe haven for your spiritual healing and transformation. We are dedicated to help you access your divine nature through a variety of services including introducing you to your Divine Parents, meditation, channeling, and healing practices.
  • Inspired art that you will treasure
  • Peter Mt. Shasta's website 
    with excerpts from his latest book,
    Adventures of a Western Mystic--Apprentice to the Masters, meditation instruction and a link to The I AM Presence Meditation video. Ask Numerology Experts Visit to know what our Numerologists tell you, what your numbers hold for you and for your future. Bereavement Verses - Prayer - Linda Angel is an online memorial dedicated to helping those who are experiencing a loss in their lives especially with the death of a child. Inspired art that you will treasure
  • The book Your Soul's Plan
    Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz contains ten true stories of people who planned physical illness, having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents. The book presents the actual conversations people had with their future parents, children, spouses, friends, and other loved ones when together they planned the challenges they would experience in their upcoming lifetimes.
  • Marriage Counseling
    Visit to find out more about Dr. Ellen Kreidman's incredible alternative to marriage counseling.
  • The Invitation or Living Christ
  • Marriage Advice offers a large supportive community who helps each other with marriage and relationship problems like infidelity, parenting, and family issues.
  • Colon Health Information
    Alternative Colon Health information, Colon detoxification and detox diets, natural treatments for colon health, constipation, candida, haemorrhoids etc What If? The Movie
  • Complementary Therapist 
    Complementary therapies, Find local qualified complementary therapist, Therapy Courses, acupuncturist, complementary therapies UK, hypnotherapist.
  • best weight loss shakes 
    Our weight loss shakes are really yummy. As always, they are the best that we could make them so don�t forget they contain NO aspartame, NO trans fats, NO artificial colours and NO preservatives, NO Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), and have NO genetically modified products.
  • Chiropractic NYC
    Spine Sports Medicine is a New York City clinic specializing in back and neck pain, physical therapy, acupuncture, foot and knee injuries.
  • Vaastu Science , About Vaastu Shastra, Vaastu based architecture, The Science of Vaastu, Vaastu Veda,sculpture India,vedic science,Importance of Vasthu Veda,Thiruvalluvar statue in Kanyakumari,Tamil University in Tanjore,Valluvar Kottam Chennai,vastu consultancy,vastu advise,vastu homes.
  • Top Health and fitness 
    Visit Tophealthandwellness, we offering health, fitness, waight loss and workout tips. I hope you can use our site to help you good health and fitness goals! Go to: for thousands of articles, plus video, audio, herbal ezine, woman's forum, weblogs, bookshop and more.- Also visit 3000+ pages of women's wit and wisdom the Wise Woman Way. Herbal healing for fertility, childbearing, breast health, cancer prevention, menopause, nutrition, spirit healing, the Wise Woman Way.
  • Alkaline Foods 
    Following an alkaline foods diet is a brilliant strategy to improve energy levels. Rudra Centre has been involved in very intensive study on effects of Rudraksha beads and studies done jointly with Doctors and Scientists from India and USA have clearly shown that Rudraksha power has been untapped to his true capacity till date. Just Aromatherapy Essential Oils Just Aromatherapy are suppliers of a range of pure aromatherapy essential oils and aromatherapy sundries.


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