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  Joanna's vision has passed on to a Japanese spiritual teacher, Keiko Anaguchi in 2012.

Joanna's vision has passed on to a Japanese spiritual teacher, Keiko Anaguchi in 2012. Keiko is a well-known spiritual counselor, consultant and public speaker in Japan. She is also a spiritual entrepreneur. She is recognized as a person who can manifest a spiritual message in a realistic form. Over the past 15 years she has trained 5,000 people to be spiritual counselors. She has served over 10,000 clients in the past 10 years. She leads spiritual tours to Mt. Shasta and Sedona in the U.S., as well as to Southern France, England, Peru, and other power spots.

She channels the Japanese goddess Amaterasu, who is a bringer of light from Heaven. Based on the channeled messages, she has created training programs for the Japanese audience.

While she was a consultant to fortune 500 companies, she used spiritual wisdom to develop and deliver customer service training programs, helping to raise the company customer satisfaction scores to the top three in the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Scale. She has been invited as a training facilitator to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Turkey, and Russia.

She founded Dynavision Corp. in 1995 to serve humanity to awaken to its highest potential. The company offers many self-help training programs in Japan, and brings authors from the U.S, England, and South America to present. Her company now has metaphysical stores in Tokyo, Okinawa, and Mount Shasta, California. The company publishes a free spiritual magazine called �スCosmic Vision Quest�ス Cosmic Vision Quest that reaches over 10,000 readers.

Keiko has 3,000 subscribers to her e-mail magazine, Magic for Manifesting Your Dream. She writes columns for the Japanese Spiritual Magazine Star People of Earth, and also appears in other spiritual magazines in Japan such as Anemoe and Yuhobika. She is author of Find your own Angels,Law Of Attraction: Life is Full of Miracles and Your Happiness is Guaranteed by the Universe. . These books are available in Japanese.

Read more about Keiko here:

Founder's Story

It all began with one picture. But really it began a few years before that, in 1976. I was reading--after resisting it for years--Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I read about the master who could give one flower the fragrance of another; of the one who drank lye with no ill effects, the one who ran around naked and disappeared regularly from his prison cell. With each new one I thought, well, he's interesting; she's nice, and so on.

Then I came to the chapter about the immortal master Babaji. Many gurus are called Babaji, which simply means revered father or grandfather. This is the Babaji who dwells in the Himalayas in a 5,000-year-old physical body of perfect youth and beauty. He is a great world server; one of the myriads of things he has done is to send Yogananda to the United States. He can do anything: travel by thought, travel through time, manifest anything needed or desired from the ethers.

My heart caught fire. I knew this being! For weeks, all I could think about was him. Finally one day, in meditation, I called with all the passion of my being, "COME HERE!!!"
And he did. A whirlwind of energy entered my room, went straight into the center of my heart, and Babaji was with me. I realize now that he was already one with my own inner self, but I became aware of it at that moment. From this event I opened up to true guidance from spirit, and my life took a new direction. The purpose for this life began to reveal itself. (An un-looked for side effect was that I rejuvenated about 10 years; people who hadn't seen me for awhile were blown away, and only then did I realize that this was true.)

I began to remember my past lives, some of which involved spiritual mastery of different kinds. I soon moved from Memphis to San Francisco, where I met Leonard Orr and became a rebirther, and began classes with a wonderful group called the Teaching of the Inner Christ (TIC). I was ordained a minister with this Teaching in 1984.

It was at Leonard's Theta House on Fell Street that I first glimpsed the picture of Babaji, painted by Eric Estep. I was transfixed. Every time I looked into his eyes, his expression was different. I often learned something new about myself. At times he would seem to look away, drawing my attention to something in particular, or letting me know I needed to clear my aura. I often received a message with no need for words: a new knowing. I purchased a picture for myself, and have seldom been without it. (This picture is included in our collection as BJ1, and we have several others of him.) Now I meditate with it each day, and it continues to reveal new treasures about myself and about life.

The purpose of having a picture of a great being is not to worship her or him; it is to see one's own divinity reflected back, and thus to expand the soul into this very divinity.

A little here about the artist who can paint a master so that the greatness of his or her being shines through the work. Such an artist must be highly developed spiritually for this to happen. Though we carry photographs of certain masters, most of our pictures are from artists like Eric. I asked him once if he had received a vision of Babaji before he painted, and he said no, he desired to paint him and the picture appeared under his hands as he painted.

A second great being who is enormously beneficial to my life is St. Germain. (You can read about him in the books Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, among others, from the St. Germain Press.) He also is an immortal being, and actually lived in Europe for over a hundred years with no sign of aging; a fact well documented by a number of writers of that period. He contacted me after I began teaching classes for TIC, and asked me to go to Mount Shasta to teach a class. While there, I learned for the first time in this life about ascension, and again my heart caught fire!

In 1986, I was shown by spirit that I had to leave the Teaching of the Inner Christ in order to accomplish what I had come to do. It was very hard for me, as I had shared past lives with some of the leaders, but you have to follow your guidance to keep growing. I formed Ascension Mastery International, and spirit through me created its beautiful logo. I began to teach under AMI.

I don't call Babaji my master or guru, rather my friend and mentor; but occasionally he, one with my high Self, will command me to do something in no uncertain terms. Whenever this has happened, I have felt the rightness of it to the core of my being and have followed it without hesitation.

One such command came after I had I had earned my living as a workshop leader for 16 years, teaching about human divinity, including the possibilities of rejuvenation, immortality and ascension. This command took me to India in the spring of 1996. I was guided to travel to Badrinath, a pilgrimage town 10,000 feet up in the Himalayan foothills of northern India. It is a few miles outside Badrinath that Babaji usually dwells, with his band of immortals. (Though he has visited me in physical form a few times, I could not be with his immortal body, yet, or my own would have burnt to a crisp from the frequency.)

I had been in India three weeks before I got to Badrinath, but within 24 hours of my arrival my whole life changed. I was shown that I had been bored with teaching workshops for about five years, and that it was time to stop. I was so shocked that I had ignored this truth of my heart-that is, ignored my spirit's guidance-that I gave everything up to God, my whole life. "Take everything that no longer belongs to me!" I cried inwardly. And I did see other things fall away, certain relationships and conditions. I let them all go.

When I was empty, I asked spirit in a small voice, "But--how am I going to make a living?" I was immediately shown my booth at the Wesak events in my home town of Mt. Shasta, California. I had begun to offer pictures of Babaji because I wanted others to have the same wonderful experiences I did. Gradually, other pictures joined this first one, and they did spectacularly well at this large spiritual gathering. Now I heard direct words from spirit: "We ask you to gather more of these pictures, and get them out as widely in the world as you can. Awakening humanity needs them." I agreed instantly.

When I got back home, I dropped workshops like a hot potato. I began to look for other pictures shining out a spiritual essence, and they came from all kinds of unexpected places. I began with over 50 images. Then in 1998, my friend Neil Cohen, who was selling Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist pictures I didn't have, felt burned out with that business and wanted to be bought out. I had no extra money, but spirit told me this would be a wonderful thing to do. I wrote Neil and asked if he would consider letting me run his business and give him a percentage of the profits.

Meanwhile, an old friend had drifted into town to go camping on our wondrous mountain, and had left several messages about getting together. When we did, I showed him Neil's brochure and told him how excited I was about the possibility of being steward to his wonderful pictures.

The next morning, two messages were on my answering machine. One was from Neil, saying he was sorry but he just wanted to be paid all at once. The other was from my camping friend, saying that if I needed any help procuring Neil's business, let him know.

I had never known this friend to have any money. He drove an ancient Toyota truck he had owned forever. But he came over, and shared that he had inherited a chunk from his father's passing. He had sat on it for about a year, but had recently prayed to see how some of it could be used to serve the world. He felt that this was the answer to his prayer. And so Neil's pictures came into my keeping. This amazing manifestation of money, coming together effortlessly in the exact right moment, has been a lesson I will never forget and am eternally grateful for.

Neil was selling his pictures to stores, a market that--zero business capacity that I had developed at that time--had never even occurred to me. His business savvy was a great boon. Also, he had developed more than 50 pictures, so suddenly my business outgrew my home and had to move into an actual office! I hired an assistant, and we threw a grand opening party on September 17, 1998.

So that is how this marvelous business, which we call a dharma, meaning one's work for the betterment of the world, got started. I feel so very honored to be the shepherd of these wonderful and inspiring images, and send them out into the world to do their work. I know they have saved lives. I know they have assisted each viewer to recognize his or her own divinity.

We add new images each year, usually from artists, and so our collection grows. We have also included Neil's Awareness Guides, window decals, visionary art greeting cards, a couple of bumper stickers, and more; but the pictures remain the heart of what we do. (My own site,, offers my books, tapes and CDs.)

There are some images I have wanted and still haven't been able to find: a wonderful Kali, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Neem Karoli Baba, and others. Though I have had access to some pictures of these beloveds, I haven't found just the right one. If you come across a fine image of any of these, or of any other picture you feel should be part of our collection, please communicate! We would love to hear from you.

Blessings to you in your realization of your wondrous divinity!
Joanna Cherry Founder of A.M.I.
.Joanna Cherry, M.A., M.Ed., M.M.S., Founder of AMI, and author, has taught ascension worldwide since 1983. She is a speaker at world symposiums, and is listed in World Who's Who of Women.. Joanna shares profound, empowering initiations from her own guidance.
"Thank you for giving this angel back her wings. I have been flying high ever since that astounding workshop." A.M., Illinois.


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